Coming soon? A Sonic in the mall

Monday, April 29th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

They're one of Oklahoma's oldest and most successful fast-food franchises. But after all these years, Sonic Drive-In may have a "new" trick up its sleeve.

News on Six business reporter Steve Berg says Sonic of course is known for its cars. The mall is known for people on foot. Can the two possibly co-exist?

Sonic has been experimenting with putting walk-up restaurants in malls. A sign got the attention of some of our viewers at the food court in Woodland Hills Mall. It says "Coming Soon". But we talked with Sonic and they say it's only a "possibility" at this point. They say they've only tried a very small handful of walk-up restaurants in other parts of the country.

This would be the first in Oklahoma if it happens. And people we talked to sounded excited about the idea. Sonic customer Chuck Sissel, “because you have this and then you have another convenience by having it in the mall, so if perchance you don't make it to the drive-in and stop in the mall, you can actually take care of business too." Another Sonic customer, Angela Tenreiro, “I go to the drive-in and over here while you're shopping, you can stop by Sonic's and grab a drink and keep on shopping."

The entire food court at Woodland Hills Mall is undergoing an extensive renovation by the way. Sonic officials say the chance of a walk-up at this point is about 50-50.