Indian nationals fighting a Tulsa company, now impacting their families in India

Monday, April 22nd 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A lawsuit that started in Tulsa is now affecting families in India. The Indian nationals battling the John Pickle Company still have responsibilities back home. And because they don't have work Visas yet, they've been doing odd-jobs to take care of their families.

The law says the money they earn has to be through donations, and desginated for a specific purpose. This weekend they held a garage sale from donated items.

The workers say their families are behind in rent, one family has already lost their home. Mark Massey, good Samaritan: "This is designated for them to send home to their families which isn't much and it's gonna take a while to get where we need to go to be able to help much at home."

The men claim the "John Pickle Company" kept them in slave-like conditions.