Tulsa company uses unique teamwork program

Friday, April 12th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

In this age of layoffs and downsizing, every company has to find a way to do more with less, but how do you do that? Would you believe, sending your employees out for a day in the woods?

News on Six reporter Steve Berg shows us a unique way to build a better team. Nordam workers from Tulsa, like many airline related companies these days, they've had their struggles with layoffs, and the organizers of a special program say if they trust each other not to let them crack their head on the ground, imagine what they can do at work.

Mary Butler with Learning Unlimited "They're practicing trusting each other, they're practicing communicating, they're practicing solving problems, and all these things are critically important back at work."

If it just looks like a bunch of people playing around in the woods, well you're right. "Play is an important part of it, it's what they call 'experiential learning', a fancy word for "learning by doing."

In other words, they say; if you really want a lesson to sink in, don't put your workers in a conference room. Put it into action. Ken Harmon with Nordam Group: "These problems are nothing like what they might solve at work. But they're still problems they have to solve as a group."

In fact, with these activities, the workers really have no choice but to team up. "So by beginning that relationship here, that'll carry back to the workplace." And there's simply something about the physical challenge that builds confidence. Billy Johns, Nordam employee: "I myself tend to hold back alot and analyze and think about it, you just got to reach out and do it."

Mary Butler, "They're finding out they can do what they weren't sure they could do, and that has great implications in the workplace."

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