'Prayer of Jabez' author speaks in Broken Arrow

Thursday, April 11th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

It's the tiny prayer that's touched millions of lives. Now one church in Broken Arrow is hoping the man behind the book, 'The Prayer of Jabez' can help keep a spiritual mission alive.

News on Six reporter Jenni Monet says they are the faces behind a spiritual and medical mission in Africa, but it's in Broken Arrow where the birth of Medics International is celebrated for the first time. "Our goal over the next three years is to have one thousand trained and equipped pastors in what we call the fire line." Doctor Jeff Lester of Gracemont Baptist Church says it's a program already helping thousands of ailing Africans with dental, eye and general medical care. "She said, I read that book, and I started praying it." It's why he's turning to the man behind 'The Prayer of Jabez' book, a best selling author, to keep his mobile medical clinics up and running across the globe.

"I'm here tonight because I'm celebrating the grand opening of Medics." Dr. Bruce Wilkenson is the author of 'The Prayer of Jabez.' "It was the number one book in the whole country last year." A book about one sentence buried in the Bible, but rising high in the spiritual world. "And no matter where I travel, people, they almost run up and say let me run up and tell you what happened when I prayed the prayer of Jabez, they're stunned."

Stunned like book fan, Lora Branson. "He's written two really wonderful books." It's why Lora is one of many supporting the cause aboard, and the author that has inspired her. "I love the thoughts he is sharing with me. It's just like what Jesus did. He went around healing the sick and then he preached and very few organizations try to do both and medics does both and I believe in that.”

Dozens turned out Wednesday night to hear Dr. Wilkenson speak at the fundraising event--- where he also held a book-signing session. In turn, Scott and Terry, church organizers are hoping they can raise the money they need to keep Medics International helping other's worldwide.