No Saturday mail delivery?

Thursday, April 5th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The mailman delivers Dick Bolks mail every afternoon just after lunch, Saturdays included. He doesn't want that to stop, but he's been hearing the rumor that that could be coming. "I would much prefer that we continue to have our six day service as we have in the past I think we are more than paying enough for our postal service and the rates keep going up and the service keeps going down." The post office is trying to save money because they are facing a three million-dollar debt. Competition and a slowing economy are blamed for the debt, a problem the institution hasn't seen in more than five years. Letter Carrier Union Members say the post office needs to reevaluate the postal system because there are plenty of places to trim the fat, without cutting back on delivery. John Harrison, president of the Tulsa Letter Carriers Union, says "they ought to look at overtime, there is a lot of overtime being spent on the carriers I work." Harrison is he says he doesn't have a solution, but that the one being discussed won't work. "They're doing 7 days worth of process in 6 now I just don't know how it will work with 5." Customers are worried about it, too. Evelyn Arnold says "that wouldn't be fair if they aren't going to deliver our mail on Saturday and then get a raise I don't think that's fair I don't go for that." Jim Etheridge says "I think they need to take a look at their overall operation and talk to some of these people about doing more work." For now, carriers will continue their routes, as Congress and the postal service hammer out the future of the post office.