Colby Deceives Jerri on Survivor

Friday, March 16th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

You can say this about Texan Colby Donaldson: He looks much better sound asleep with his mouth open than he does in black and white through the lens of a "nightcam."

Unfortunately, much of Colby's exposure on Episode 8 of Survivor: The Australian Outback came under cover of dark. It turned his eyes into Cujo-style bulbs that glowed eerily, menacingly. Colby the nightstalker, sitting next to banshee Jerri Manthey and lying like a dog to her.

"I didn't like the fact that I had to lie," he later said in broad daylight. "But because I was lying to Jerri, I didn't lose sleep over it."

OK, understood. But let's regroup.

Jerri and her finger puppet, Amber Brkich, had approached Colby seeking reassurance. They had heard that he was forming an alliance with Keith Famie and Tina Wesson. An alliance that would make them the three finalists while putting Jerri and Amber down for the count.

Nah, Colby assured Jerri. Tina and Keith just think that's gonna happen, but it's not. "You, I and Amber still have complete control of this thing."

The episode cut back and forth between daylight Colby talking about how he had fibbed to Jerri and nighttime Colby telling her just the opposite. It got a little murky, but daytime Colby finally made it crystal clear.

"Jerri doesn't deserve to win this thing," he said, "if for no other reason simply because of the way she's treated the people around her. And that was the biggest decision when I had to choose between carrying my plans out with either Amber and Jerri or Keith and Tina."

In the closing nightcam scene, Jerri and Amber still wanted hugs from Colby. He obligingly gave both of them a main squeeze, but no kisses of death yet.

Time will tell whether his wily best-laid plans bear fruit. For now, though, Colby has made it to the final eight and looks solid to go a good deal further. If so, can't wait to see the look on Jerri's face.