Dr. Says Cat Allergy Cured by LSD

Saturday, March 3rd 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

NEW YORK (AP) _ The cat's out of the bag. The best cure for an allergy to felines is ... LSD?

Dr. Andrew Weil, a best-selling author and longtime proponent of alternative health remedies, says on ''60 Minutes'' that he cured his lifelong allergy to cats by using the hallucinogenic drug.

``I took LSD. I was in a wonderful outdoor setting. I felt terrific and, in the midst of this, a cat came up to me and crawled into my lap,'' he says on the CBS show, which airs Sunday (7 p.m. EST).

``I did not have an allergic reaction to it and I never did since.''

Weil says he believes some allergies are learned.

``That gave me the idea that (taking LSD) would be a great way to teach people to unlearn allergies,'' he says. ``If the drugs were legal, I think I would recommend that some patients do it.''