Gas bill rate cut

Saturday, February 3rd 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission says it's trying to lower those skyrocketing natural gas bills. Commissioners are changing the formula used to determine rates, but will it really make a difference? Mr. Kleen's Car Wash in Tulsa is staying busy; all of the winter grime is good for business. But there are bills to pay and owner Jimmy Short will tell you one in particular is hitting hard, a $2,300 gas bill. "Generally speaking it's $300-350 in the summer months in the winter months it goes up to $700-800 normally." He, like so many others, is looking for relief anywhere he can find it. Gas bills will hopefully be a little less next month for everyone thanks to a cut by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. Roger Mitchell with ONG says, "that will help in the gas bills going forward they should be able to save oh in the range of $16." Sixteen dollars for an average household, and Oklahoma Natural Gas says that number should keep going down, but there's also some bad news. "There is still a deferred amount that we're paying for gas earlier in the year that needs to be caught up here and that hasn't gone away at this point." That's because ONG had to buy gas in advance at a higher price than they are charging customers. They say they'll spread that cost out on your bill over time as the price of gas goes down. People like Jimmy Short is hoping that next month's bill won't be quite as shocking. "I'm on pins and needles." ONG customers should notice the difference in their bills for February.