University official weigh-in on State Question 686

Friday, November 10th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

(Tulsa-AP) -- University officials across Oklahoma say the benefits of State Question 686 are good but shouldn't be hastily used.

The proposal allows universities to offer three-year contracts to school presidents instead of one-year contracts. Voters approved the proposal in Tuesday's general election.

C.S. Lewis III is the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents chairman. Lewis says the market place will determine if multiyear contracts are required to hire a good president.

Douglas Wilson is the executive secretary of the regents for Oklahoma State University and A-and-M colleges. He says regents are happy with the current system. But the amendment provides an edge in recruiting sought-after applicants.

University of Central Oklahoma professor Thomas E. Guild led the opposition to the proposal. Guild says the amendment could cost Oklahoma taxpayers millions of dollars if contracts had to be bought out.