High-Tech Trick-or-Treat

Friday, October 27th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Halloween is high-tech this year for many parents who will use two-way radios to keep in touch with older kids who don't' want to trick or treat with the little ones. For parents the two-way radios provide peace of mind.

With a range of a half-mile, the two-way radios will keep older kids of nine and ten connected to their mothers, who need to stay with the youngest trick-or-treaters as they make the rounds. The radios also make it fun for kids to communicate especially with one another.

User-friendly two-way radios are easily programmed to the same mode and operate on local low frequencies. Two-way communication also makes it easier to meet up at the end of the night.

Making it fun for kids to stay in touch goes a long way toward making it a habit as they get older. So if you're spooked by the logistics of trick or treating, two-way radios can keep everyone on the same wavelength.