Age Appropriate Chores for Children

Monday, October 23rd 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

It might surprise you how much your kids are capable of doing around the house. This chart gives some ideas of what is possible at what ages. Keep in mind, these are merely guidelines-your child may do more or less.

Ages 2 - 3

Help make bed (at least pull up covers)

Pick up toys

Hang clothing on hooks

Carry laundry to and from laundry area

Help fold towels

Empty light trash cans


Carry plate to sink after meals

Put silverware in dishwasher

Help feed pets

Help wipe up spills


Bring in newspaper

Mop a small area

Fetch diapers for a younger brother or sister

Ages 4 - 5

Make own bed

Clear dishes from table

Set table

Retrieve the mail


Water plants

Help carry and put away groceries

Help wash car and clean interior


Wash floors, low walls with sponge

Put away own clothes

Put dirty clothes in hamper

Hang towels after bath

Sort laundry by color

Help load dishwasher

Ages 6 - 12

Make bed

Take care of pets

Cook simple foods

Make school lunches

Help with yard work

Help wash car

Wash, hang and fold laundry

Vacuum, sweep and mop

Straighten up house

Do dishes

Clean bathroom

Rake leaves

Weed and water garden

Use clothes washer and dryer

Take out trash

Strip and change beds


Polish shoes

Ages 13 & up

Any of the above, plus

Change light bulbs

Replace vacuum cleaner bag

Wash inside and outside of windows

Clean out refrigerator

Clean stove and oven

Prepare a meal

Make grocery lists

Shop for groceries

Cook meals

Do all laundry functions

Mow lawn

Trim yard

Wash and polish car

Maintain bicycle

Help paint and caulk