Sales tax plan to help fund infrastructure

Saturday, October 14th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

(Tulsa-AP) -- Tulsa County commissioners say they're counting on a sales tax proposal to pay for capital improvement projects.

Commissioner Bob Dick says sales taxes traditionally do better at the polls than bond issues, which affect property taxes.

Dick says the county needs the sales tax because, unlike cities, the county simply doesn't have a revenue source for special projects.

A new law allows Tulsa County to ask voters to consider sales taxes for capital improvements. Unlike other less-populated counties, Oklahoma and Tulsa counties weren't allowed to consider such sales tax proposals until the 1994 law was passed.

Tulsa voters will decide the proposal November Seventh. It would keep an expiring jail tax in place for five more years to raise 50 (M) million dollars for roads, parks, flood mitigation and Expo Square improvements.