City of Tulsa Weekly Construction Update

Friday, September 29th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Street improvement areas which will affect Tulsa traffic include:

"SOUTH 21ST STREET, HARVARD AVENUE TO THE BROKEN ARROW EXPRESSWAY: All barrels and barricades have been removed from the construction area, and four lanes will be open for traffic to the Tulsa State Fair. Temporary asphalt patches have been placed over rough spots between paved and unpaved surfaces. Construction will resume after the fair.


*NEW: THIRD STREET, UTICA AVENUE TO LEWIS AVENUE: 'Traffic has been narrowed to two lanes for four to five weeks during street resurfacing.

*NEW: FOURTH STREET, 73RD EAST AVENUE TO MEMORIAL DRIVE: Construction has begun for street rehabilitation. Delays should be expected.

THIRD STREET AND MAIN STREET: The south two lanes are closed for storm sewer installation in connection with the Main Street mall project.

SOUTH 15TH STREET, GALVESTON AVENUE TO GUTHRIE AVENUE: The street is closed for seven to 10 day's for Storm sewer installation.

GILCREASE MUSEUM ROAD AND EDISON STREET: Traffic has been been narrowed to two lanes for 30-45 days during reconstruction of the intersection.

SOUTH 15TH STREET, CINCINNATI PLACE TO PEORIA AVENUE: Work will begin to prepare for resurfacing the street. Delays should be expected.

PEORIA AVENUE, VIRGIN STREET TO APACHE STREET: Southwestern Bell will be working its way north doing duct work. Traffic will be narrowed to two lanes in their work area.

HARVARD AVENUE, ADMIRAL PLACE TO PINE STREET: Traffic has been narrowed to one lane in each direction for one week for street rehabilitation.

SOUTH GARNETT ROAD, 41ST STREET TO 51ST STREET: Construction has begun on water- and storm-sewer lines for this project to widen Garnett to live lanes (four with a center turn lane). Tratlic has been detoured to the east side of the road. Delays should he expected for six to seven months.

SOUTH 36TH STREET, YALE AVENUE TO HARVARD AVENUE: Construction has begun on street rehabilitation. The project should take about two weeks. Delay s should be expected.

BOULDER AVENUE, 15TH STREET TO 21ST STREET: Traffic has been narrowed to one lane in each direction for seven to 10 days during street resurfacing and sidewalk installation.

21ST STREET, BOULDER AVENUE TO PEORIA AVENUE: Traffic has been narrowed to one lane in each direction for seven to 10 days during street repair.

41ST STREET OVER THE BROKEN ARROW EXPRESSWAY is closed for construction of a new bridge. Through traffic is blocked on 41st Street between Memorial Drive and Mingo Road. A detour is available. SOUTH 87TH EAST AVENUE is closed just south of 41st Street for three to four weeks during construction of a concrete box storm sewer and relocation of a water line.

61ST STREET AND UNION AVENUE: Street paving is in progress. This intersection will be widened to four lanes in each direction, including right- and left-turn lanes. Completion is estimated in five months.

61ST STREET, MEMORIAL DRIVE TO SHERIDAN ROAD: Two lanes of traffic are open on 61st Street between 76th East Avenue and South Sheridan Road. All four lanes will be opened after crews finish building a retaining wall. 61st Street is being widened to five lanes (center left-turn lane) between Memorial Drive and Sheridan Road.

81ST STREET AND SHERIDAN ROAD is being widened to four lanes in each direction including left- and right-turn lanes. Motorists cannot make left turns at the intersection. Estimated completion will be in November.

SHERIDAN ROAD, 71ST STREET TO 81ST STREET: The road is being widened to five lanes (four and a center turn lane). Delays should be expected.

The City of Tulsa weekly road construction update is posted every Friday. Updated September 28, 2000