Wireless home theater

Monday, September 25th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Tiny's Wireless Home Theater, retailing for $1,699, is also generous on components and support, although it lacks a money-back guarantee.

With a DVD-ROM drive, Tiny includes software and wireless hardware that easily link a computer to a TV. These sorts of components have been available as add-ons for several years, but Tiny incorporates the concept smoothly into the Wireless Home Theater package. Its presence means you eliminate the need for a DVD player in your entertainment center.

The software bundle — including Windows 98 SE, Microsoft Works Suite 2000, Corel Draw 8, IBM ViaVoice and Compton's Encyclopedia 2000 — is an alluring value.

The unit we reviewed had a 700 MHz Pentium III processor, 17-inch color monitor, a Lexmark printer and a 600 dots-per-inch scanner. Just last week, Tiny updated the package, which now includes for the same price a 750 MHz processor, a faster USB printer and a CD-rewritable drive instead of the scanner. An Ethernet card for networking is the only key piece of equipment missing.

Documentation, easy instructions and online support make this package ideal for anyone wanting to jump into the convergence of home computers and entertainment. See www.tiny.com/us or call 1-877-202-8529.