Oral hygiene priority for good health

Friday, September 8th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Oral hygiene should be taught at a very early age. The results of oral hygiene will show as long as one lives.

Today, we will learn about the scraping and massaging techniques.

Firstly, the Yoga practice of straightening the tongue (or Jivha Karma).

A flat blunt instrument or a special tongue scraper is used. The tongue is extended out of the mouth and the blunt head of the scraper is drawn from the back of the mouth to the tip of tongue.

This way, phlegm and dead cells are cleared from the lining of the tongue, making taste sensations and digestion better. The sides of the tongue should also be cleaned while the underpart of the tongue is massaged with the fingertips.

This technique is called Dohakah Kriya, which is done like milking the tongue like the udder of a cow. This cleansing technique helps indigestion and cures many chronic diseases.

The tongue is stretched slowly over a period of time, giving greater strength to the glossopharyngeal nerve plexus at the throat (known as Vishuddha Chakra to the yogi). The next cleansing technique is Chalana Dohana.This cleansing process clears phlegm from the lymph glands and the blood stream.

It takes quite a bit of practice but it can easily be learnt. For those who are suffering from a chronic disease, this is vital for it clears the subtle debris left in cellular tissues and in the blood stream.

Those who are suffering from arthritis and asthma will benefit greatly from Chalana Dohana. Cancer patients would take to treatment better when this is done.

To begin Chalana Dohana, drink a little fresh water, then stick the tips of your fingers as far down the throat as possible and message the throat muscles.

You will throw up or retch up the stomach juices. Now massage the tongue as far back on the root of the tongue with sufficient force to make the mucus and saliva flow.

You will find a whole lot of fluid flowing from the mouth, foaming.

Massage the roof of the mouth and the soft palate in the same way and finally rinse the whole mouth with lightly salted water. The tongue should be massaged for two to three minutes. With practice you will be able to tilt the head to let the foamy phlegm flow from the mouth. Chalana Dohana actually pulls the mucous out of the tissues and the blood stream.

It will take a few days to get this technique working as it should. Do not give up easily. The discomfort will soon pass.