Oilton residents trying to cope with Anger and Grief

Friday, August 25th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The town of Oilton, not used to big city homicide, says it will not stand for another killing like the one that happened last weekend. Some of Oilton’s residents met in a town park Thursday night to try to find ways to protect their children.

The group was emotional, raising their voices at times. They have been trying to cope with the death of seven-year-old Kristi Blevins. Prosecutors say 19-year-old Wayne Rotramel confessed to strangling Blevins and raping her 12-year-old friend at an abandoned house August 19th.

The people in the park alternated between concern for where Rotramel went wrong and the grief over the loss of one girl's life and another's innocence.
"This is Oilton's children,” said Jeffrey Simpson. “They’re not Oklahoma's children. They’re not Creek County’s children. They are our children and if we don't care about our children, we've got no chance." One Oilton resident asked what happened to the young Belvins’ rights. “Her right of safety, her right to play outside, and walk to the grocery store with a friend,” the resident said. Another resident, Mendie Campbell told the assembled crowd, "As they said it's no time for finger pointing,” she explained. “Ultimately, it comes down to the parent's responsibility.” This statement drew applause from the assembled crowd.

Some of the residents also expressed concern that Oilton Police did not adequately do their job in this case. The News on Six tried to reach the Oilton Police Chief for comment, but he had a family engagement and wasn't able to talk with us.

Wayne Rotramel, the suspect in this case, remains behind bars charged with first-degree murder, first-degree rape, kidnapping and as well as other felony counts.