Skiatook Parents Meet To Discuss Legal Options

Saturday, August 12th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Outraged parents are deciding whether to sue a coach being investigated for putting a hidden camera inside a girls locker room.

They met with a lawyer in Tulsa Saturday to find out their legal options against recently resigned Harry Red Eagle Junior.

The videotape shows him covering the camera with a cloth and locking it inside a locker just minutes before young girls come inside and take off their clothes.

About 10 parents met with Tulsa attorney Bob Butler Saturday saying they are outraged with how the locker room camera situation has been handled.

Most of them didn't want to talk about their plan, but their attorney says one thing is for sure.

"Is there going to be a lawsuit filed, and I can guarantee you that is going to happen," says Butler.

Parents say they wanted to see Harry Red Eagle Junior fired, after he was seen in a videotape putting a camera in a girls' locker room and covering it with a cloth.

But on Thursday the school board let him resign, the school board president says their hands are tied because no charges have been filed.

The police now have three videotapes in evidence with about 25 girls identified on the tapes.

Police are now interviewing those girls and their parents.

The parents who are thinking of joining in the lawsuit say they will spend the weekend deciding who the defendants will be and if they really want to continue in what could be a long process.

“A couple of people have asked are you guys in this for the money? We don't care about the money the money is not an issue it doesn't matter you could never give a girl back what she lost in the violation," says parent Stephanie Gruenwald.

Their attorney says Red Eagle will for sure be a defendant, but he doesn't know what other individuals will be included.

Parents say they're hoping to clean up their school while they look at their legal options.

Butler says he hopes to have enough information to file at least one lawsuit late Monday or Tuesday.

The Skiatook police chief plans to turn the case over to the district attorney on Tuesday.

District Attorney Larry Stuart will then decide whether to file any charges against Red Eagle.