Exclusive- Skiatook Coach Shown Hiding Camera in Girls Locker Room

Monday, August 7th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A Skiatook High School coach is being investigated for allegedly placing a hidden camera in a girl’s locker room.

A tape obtained by The News on Six crime reporter Lori Fullbright shows the face of 30-year-old Harry RedEagle, Jr. of Skiatook. RedEagle, Jr. is shown putting a camera inside a compartment in the locker room and wrapping a shirt around the camera.

The tape obtained by Fullbright did show unknowing high school girls changing clothes in the locker room. The News on Six covered all identifiable features of the girls caught on the tape in order to protect them, and did not show any explicit video during its report.

The tape did not show any nudity, but all girls in the tape were assumed to be minors.

The News on Six did show pictures of the man confirmed as RedEagle, Jr. placing the camera in the hiding place. He appears to spend time adjusting the shot and focus before he leaves the camera. He backs up from the camera and removes a light bulb from the area near the camera before leaving.

There is a ten-minute lapse in the tape before girls begin appearing in the room and changing into athletic practice uniforms.

Fullbright approached RedEagle, Jr. about the tape Monday afternoon. RedEagle began the conversation by denying any knowledge of the tape. “It shows you adjusting the tape,” said Fullbright.

RedEagle, Jr. responded, “Excuse me?”

“I have the tape,” said Fullbright. “I want to know if there is a legitimate reason. It shows you focusing the tape, putting a shirt around it and unscrewing the light bulb before you leave the room and young girls come inside to undress.”

“I don’t know,” RedEagle, Jr. responded. “I have to talk to someone before I do this.” RedEagle refused to respond any further.

RedEagle, Jr. was Skiatook’s assistant girl’s basketball coach last season. He was supposed to help coach boys this year.

RedEagle, Jr. is the son of Skiatook superintendent Harry RedEagle, Sr. The elder RedEagle refused to comment on the tape. He said he need to talk to his son and that he was “blinsided” by the news of the tape.

RedEagle, Sr. did say he was afraid the news of the tape would ruin his son’s career.

RedEagle, Jr. does have a criminal record. In March 1999, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor public drunk charge.

The tape was turned over to Skiatook police chief Dan Yancey. He said he would talk to the Osage County prosecutor about possible criminal charges in connection with the tape. “I’ll assign an investigator to it full-time and we’ll talk to the D.A. and find out where we go from here,” said Yancey.

Yancey adds that part of the investigation will involve finding the identities of any girls on the tape. He says their ages and how much of them can be seen on the tape will be determined as well.