Health Department changes rule on vaccinations

Tuesday, July 18th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

(McAlester-AP) -- The Health Department says the rabies vaccinations that pet owners administer themselves to their pets won't be considered a valid vaccination anymore.

The ruling affects household pets such as dogs, cats and ferrets. It doesn't include horses, cattle or sheep.

Doctor Kristy Bradley is the state public health veterinarian. Bradley says pet owners should feel more comfortable having licensed professionals administering the vaccinations. They know how to properly handle and store the vaccines.

Bradley also says having a vet administer the vaccine saves the owner from making a difficult decision if the pet bites a human.

Pets not vaccinated by a professional that are bitten by a known rabid animal must either be euthanized or quarantined at a vets' facility for six months. An animal vaccinated by a professional only requires revaccination and confinement at the owner's home for 45 days.