Oklahoma may move to earlier execution times

Wednesday, June 28th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

(Oklahoma City-AP) -- Future Oklahoma executions could take place earlier in the day.

State Corrections Department officials are thinking about moving the traditional midnight execution time to a period between 6 p-m and 9 p-m.

Jerry Massie is a spokesman for the Corrections Department. Massie says the time change is in the discussion stage and no decision has been made yet.

When Oklahoma resumed executions in 1990, officials listed doing the execution at a time least likely to disturb prison operations as a reason for the midnight time. But officials now think an earlier time would make executions more convenient for victims' families and for corrections staff members.

Gregg Francis Braun, who is scheduled to die just after midnight July 20, could be the first inmate affected by the change.