Gas Prices Aren't Stopping Vacationers...Yet.

Saturday, June 17th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Lawmakers want Clinton to do something about the high gas prices.

A dozen senators want the administration to release oil from strategic petroleum reserves.

Lawmakers say the reserves can easily be replaced and it would show OPEC it can't bully the U-S.

Despite pleas from Capitol Hill for something to be done, there's still no relief at the pumps here in Oklahoma.

It's got some people watching their gas gauges so closely that travel habits are changing.

The weekend has arrived, but gas prices aren't taking any breaks.

That has weekend vacationers watching their tanks.

Filling up is costing them more than ever here in Oklahoma, and it's boosting more than the oil economy.

"The gas prices have certainly accelerated our motorcycle sales we're probably 40 units ahead of where we'd be. In fact, I think we've only got 6 street bikes left until the 2001 models start coming in,” says Norm McDonald, K&N Motorcycles.

Considering that motorcycles get 45 to 60 miles to the gallon, it's getting to be an easier sale for some customers.

"It gives them a good excuse to buy. Sometimes, it's hard to convince their wives that they need one at the prices of gas and the money they can save it's a pretty good tool to sell them," says McDonald.

On the other end of the spectrum there's R-V's, which can carry about 55 gallons of gas, costing just under a hundred dollars to fill up at the current prices.

"Everyone is complaining, but I think everyone sees it as temporary,” says Jim Dixon, Hunter RV.

Dixon says people may be complaining, but so far, they're still travelling.
"Instead of going for seven days, now they may go for six days now and just come back one day early to save the gas money they lose," says Dixon.

Motels say they're not seeing a slowdown either... yet.

The guests want to talk about it they want to talk about what they've paid when they left home what the price is here we have a guest from west Virginia that paid 1.46 when they got here they were in for a surprise," says Verna Knight, Super 8 Hotel.

Consumers hope in the coming days they won't be in for a bigger surprise.