Man says mother abused by employee

Tuesday, June 13th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

TULSA, Okla. (AP) -- A Tulsa man says his mother was mistreated by a nursing home employee and then was told the woman would be moved to another facility if he reported the alleged assault.

Bill Wilson said he visited his mother, 87-year-old Helen Wilson, at Manor Health Care Services on Sunday morning.

"When I got there ... she was crying," Wilson said.

He said his mother had a bruise and a knot on her right hand. Helen Wilson told her son that she had been in bed and asked an employee for a glass of water and that "the woman hit her and told her to shut her damn mouth."

Wilson said an official of the home was not there then, but tha the spoke with a nurse.

"She told me that if I called police that they would move her immediately to another nursing home," Wilson said.

Sandy Downing, an administrator at the nursing home, said the alleged assault was under investigation. She insisted Wilson was never told his mother would be moved.

She said employees "did not tell him that. That is not true."

Wilson said a police officer took his report.

"The Tulsa police left here with nothing substantiated," Downing said. "We are investigating it further."

She said the nursing home has reported the complaint to state officials and that officials with the facility have been in contact with Helen Wilson's daughter, who has guardianship of the woman.

"We are dealing with the responsible party with this," Downing said. "She does not appear to have any concerns. She feels that her mother is safe, and her mother still resides here."