Mother of Plane Crash Victims Says Angels Were Watching Her Children

Saturday, June 10th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Plane crash survivors say life is more precious to them now than ever before.

Allison, Brittney and Bryce Cheatham were flying with their father and uncle when they crashed into Riverside Parks.

Their mother said in a KOTV exclusive that each hug now has new meaning.

The salvage crew, which took the wrecked plane to investigators in Dallas last week, said they couldn't believe the five passengers made it out alive.

The original outlook for seven-year-old Allison wasn't very good. Doctors put her in a drug-induced coma to slow down swelling in her brain.

A little more than a week later, she's now out of the hospital with only a broken jaw.

Five-year-old Brittney will be in the hospital about a week-and-a-half more. She's in traction with a broken leg.

Three-year-old Bryce's grandma says a broken ankle and broken wrist haven't slowed him down.

Their mother Robyn Smith says someone was looking over them.

"I think the only reason the things turned out the way they did is because my children had angels riding with them. It was something not meant to happen,” Smith says.

The children's father, who is an O-S-U flight instructor, is out of the hospital.

As for his brother, a family attorney says, he's having trouble with the eyesight in one of his eyes.