Owasso youth given ticket for skating

Friday, May 12th 2000, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

By mid-afternoon the sidewalks in Owasso are usually packed with people rollerblading and skateboarding.

12-year-old Tyler Brown used to rollerblade, until a couple of weeks ago when a police officer stopped him and told him it was against the law to skate on the street.

Tyler said the officer turned on his sirens for a couple of seconds and then he kept his lights on the entire time. Tyler said then another officer arrived.

The officer gave Tyler a 68-dollar ticket and told him to stay on the sidewalk.

His mother, Janet Brown, is furious and later found out it is also against the law to skate on the sidewalk as well.

Brown said that is not all: "Tyler was scared to death all night long wondering how much trouble he was in. I don't know, the whole thing is just unbelievable."

Tyler told KOTV's Shea Garrison he had to get in the street because the sidewalk was covered with mud and he had to go around a in the road. That is when the police officer stopped him.

Owasso Chief Cliff Motto says it's at the officers' discretion to enforce a law if he believes there's good reason.

But, he says the laws are 25 years old and most officers don't use them.

Motto says:"Basically the police, I don't want to say don't enforce the law or look the other way, but unless they're causing a problem we realize they're just playing."

But, Tyler's mother says you won't find Tyler playing anymore:"I don't know what they might do that tomorrow. I'm almost tempted to call the police department and ask them, what are the rules for playtime today."

Motto says playtime rules will get better in time.

Tyler is due in court next month and Motto says he is working to get the law changed.