Smart Woman: Sequencing Savvy

Thursday, December 2nd 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Work Trends: Employment projections predict over the next decade, two-thirds of all new entrants into the workforce will be women. Yet, employers are slow to implement family-friendly work options. Women frustrated with juggling family responsibilities and a full-time career are sacrificing double incomes, promotions and job status to stay at home with their children for months even years. This act of dropping out of the workforce, then re-entering it at a later time is called sequencing.

Super Mom Struggle:

*Nearly 90 per cent of companies allow workers to take time off to attend school events.

*50 per cent let workers stay home with mildly ill children, without using vacations or sick days.

*33 per cent offer maternity leaves more than 13 weeks long.

*Nine per cent offer childcare at or near the work place.
Source: 1998 Family and Work Institute Study

Sequential SupportFormerly Employed Mothers At the Leading Edge(FEMALE) is a national non-profit organization for women who have left behind the full-time paid workforce to raise their children. It is an organization for women dealing with transitions between paid employment and at-home motherhood. Approximately 40 per cent of FEMALE members currently work in some capacity.

Selling Flex-Time To A Potential Employer

1. Go to the interview with a well-devised plan.
2. Focus on how the employer will benefit from your flexible schedule.
3. Emphasize that he/she won’t have to pay you benefits.
4. Offer to job share with another part-time employee.
5. Discuss ways to telecommute if you or your children become ill.
6. Convince him/her the flexibility will allow you to be a more conscientious

Keys To A Sharper Image

 Read trade magazines.
 Take computer courses.
 Use your computer as a day-to-day tool.
 Narrow your job objective to a specialized field to ease staying up to date.

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