Law Enforcement Agencies Discuss Y2K Plans

Tuesday, November 30th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The Tulsa County Sheriff met with Oklahoma law enforcement officials Tuesday to talk about Y2K contingency plans. They identified potential threats and came up with what they think might be some answers. The group is concerned about three problems: parties, technology and people. They're concerned about an increase in crime including burglaries, drunk driving, even more murders and suicides.

More than 40 law enforcement agencies met with Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz to plan for the worst when the clocks roll over. "Exuberant merriment is one of our biggest concerns,” said Glanz. “People getting out and over doing it a little bit including car wrecks and drunk drivers. We'll be prepared."

It will be hard not see a uniform on New Year's Eve. Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies, Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers and Tulsa Police officers are increasing staffing levels and patrols. This was the first time all of the planners had been in one place at one time, discussing how they're preparing for Y2K.

The emergency operations center in downtown Tulsa will monitor city and county emergency, utility and law enforcement services. "There are going to be a lot of people who are going to pick up the phone at 12:01am and test the phone to see if it works,” said Oklahoma Department of Public Safety’s Gene Thaxton. “We do have some concerns that some event of that magnitude could create some stoppages with the phone system."

But that downtime in service would only be temporary. Law enforcement officials say even if it was all an academic exercise, it has caused Y2K planning to occur.