Baby delivered after pregnant mother fatally stabbed

Monday, November 15th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Doctors performed an emergency cesarean section on a woman who was stabbed to death, saving the woman's infant girl Monday morning.

Danielle Scott, 19, was brought into Integris Southwest Medical Center with her throat slit, said hospital spokesman Damon Gardenhire.

Ms. Scott was one of two people stabbed at a southeastern Oklahoma City apartment complex. A 23-year-old man whose name was not released was in serious condition at another hospital. Police searched for two men for questioning.

Dr. Marty McBee, who performed the surgery on Ms. Scott, said he was not aware she was pregnant until she was brought into the emergency room.

"The lady had no pulse, but she apparently had some vital signs at the scene," McBee said. "We cut the baby out and started CPR."

McBee said he started the surgery 20 seconds after Ms. Scott, who was 81/2 months pregnant, was brought into the hospital. He said he had only a few minutes to get the baby out before the child would die from lack of oxygen.

"My whole goal was to get this baby out because the mother was dead," he said.

McBee said it was unusual for dead victims who are pregnant to be brought into the emergency room with the baby still alive. He said in most trauma situations, the baby usually dies and is removed to save the mother's life.

"I have never experienced a situation like this," McBee said. He said he was surprised the baby responded so quickly to the oxygen that was administered after the delivery.

"It responded immediately to our therapy," McBee said. "Right now the only danger to the baby is if she didn't get enough oxygen."

McBee said he was emotionally affected by the situation because his wife is pregnant. "It just breaks your heart," he said.

The baby was in critical condition after being transferred to Children's Hospital, said Dennis Gimmel, hospital spokesman. He said the baby weighed around 5 lbs.

"The baby did not have to go through any kind of surgery. They're just working on her right now to make sure she's all right," Gimmel said.

Police Capt. Charles Allen said the attack occurred inside an apartment. The victims were outside the apartment when a neighbor saw them and called for help.

Authorities said postal worker Terrie Collins came across the victims on her rounds and helped comfort a two-year-old child who was also at the scene. The child was unharmed.

The male victim told her: "They tried to kill us man," but he didn't say who did it when asked by Ms. Collins, officials said.

The 23-year-old male victim was in serious condition at Midwest City Regional Medical Center after undergoing surgery for stab wounds in the neck, said Kathy Heston, spokeswoman for the hospital.

Ms. Heston did not know the connection between the two victims.