Go Inside the Clear Creek Monastery with KOTV

Friday, November 12th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The first television story about the new Clear Creek Monastery located in Cherokee County will be broadcast at 10:00 PM Sunday, November 14 on KOTV Channel 6.

The story begins at the Abbey of Fontgombault in France and includes the first televised pictures of the Clear Creek grounds.

See the monks assembling in the 900-year-old Church of Notre-Dame for the Divine Office, and hear the Gregorian Chant which the monastery is charged with preserving.

In an interview conducted in France, Father Philip Anderson, a Kansas native selected as the first Prior of Clear Creek, describes the attraction of the monastic life:

"Many of us really were the hippie generation, student radicals, and we had everything we needed," said Anderson. "We were from affluent families. We had everything in the way of material goods and we were looking for something else. And we found it in France, and we found it here," he continued.

At Clear Creek, KOTV’s cameras went inside the horse barn-turned-church where the monks worship, and inside the enclosure where the monks eat their meals and do much of their work. Hear the Clear Creek monks chant the Divine Office. See the cool, clear water source for which the monastery is named, and visit the anticipated hilltop site of the church.

KOTV Religion reporter Emory Bryan and photojournalist Grant Gerondale produced the five minute story which repeats Monday, November 14 on “The News on Six” at Noon.