Safety is the Key for Trick or Treaters on Halloween

Wednesday, October 27th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Costumes, traffic, and candy are the big concerns during Halloween. Parents need to be aware of the safety issues involved with the holiday or else fun can turn into tragedy.

When children hit the streets on Halloween, most aren't worried about looking both ways when they cross the street, or how visible their costumes are. That is the parents’ responsibility. Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz says if parents don't take precautions, someone inevitably gets hurt. "It's normally some young child being hit by a car,” he said. Glanz also says 15 additional officers will be on the streets Saturday night and their first priority is traffic safety.

He says a few simple things will help keep children safe. Glanz says children should carry flashlights, wear bright or fluorescent clothing and use face paint instead of a mask, so they can see their surroundings. And most importantly, never go into a stranger’s home.

But while you're playing it safe, remember that the holiday is supposed to be fun. Visit the
costume shops. Some of the most popular costumes this year for kids include Power Rangers, Pokeman, and other traditional superheroes such as Spiderman, Superman, and even Jeannie from the old TV show “I Dream of Jeannie.”

A co-owner of a costume shop says some of the children’s costumes are made with safety features. "Some of them have fluorescent colors on them that would make them easier to be seen at night," said Spot Lite Costumes Sacheen Platten. Patten says some of the costumes are flame resistant and some are not. Be sure to check the costume’s tags. She says adults are more likely to wear masks. She says Star Wars, Austin Powers, and Southpark are very popular. The average adult mask costs $25. Platten says one of the most popular adult mask this year is from the movie “Scream”. She says adults are spending around $40 per costume. And she's selling more adult costumes this year than children’s.

Here are some more trick-or-treating safety tips. Don't eat any candy until an adult properly screens it. If anything looks suspicious, call the sheriff’s office or police.

The Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority will provide complimentary bus service for parents and kids from seven Tulsa Housing Authority properties to the Promenade Mall for trick-or-treating this Saturday. For more information, call the M-T-T-A at 582- 2100.