Smart Woman: Connect To Your Kids

Thursday, September 2nd 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Take The Quiz

Respond to the following questions with True or False.

1. You have scheduled, predictable time to gather with your family for fun.
2. You have discussed family rules and consequences and evaluate the appropriateness if these rules every six months or so.
3. You tuck your young child into bed each night you are at home or spend time with the older kids.
4. You eat at least one meal together most days.
5. "Put-downs" and mean-spirited teasing are not allowed in your home.
6. You have laughed together at least once this week.
7. You listen to each other with respect even when you disagree.
8. You know what your child worries about.
9. You talk about your family's traditions, history and ancestors.
10. You have predictable opportunities for each family member to be heard - family meetings, a family journal, open discussions at mealtime, carpool conversations.
11. You know your child's favorite song, music group or sports team.
12. Your family watches less than seven hours of television a week.
13. You don't expect perfection. Trying hard is applauded and lessons are learned from mistakes. Your family strives to live your spiritual beliefs and you often discuss how to do so.

Tally up your True and False responses and take a look at your score.

1 - 2 False: You're doing amazingly well keeping your family connected in a
stressful world.

3 - 5 False: Your family could use some strengthening.

6+ False: Your family definitely needs to take more time for each other.

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