Trigger-Happy Vandals Terrorize Midtown Tulsa

Friday, August 27th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A tip to our Six In-Touch line led the News on Six to a major problem for several business owners in midtown Tulsa. They are sick and tired of someone shooting out their glass doors and windows night after night. This is not only creating a major headache, but is costing them thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Hawk's Photography has spent $1,500 replacing five glass doors and they have bulletholes in their windows. "I don't understand how they get a thrill out of destroying property people work to pay for," said Hawk's Photography's Gene Johnson. "The money could've gone to me or my employees to help the economy."

The vandals have hit the cleaners next door, the flower shop across the street and the old Mercedes dealership. ABCO Rents has spent $2,000 replacing glass and the company still has holes to patch. "Someday, they'll be in the same predicament," said Jeri Brill of ABCO Rents. "If they're lucky and they stay out of prison, they'll get an education that allows them to hold down a job or own their own business. Then, they'll know it's not fun no more," she said.

The shots come from a pellet gun and it usually happens early in the morning.
The cost to repair the windows or doors is usually not enough to be covered by insurance, so comes out of the business owners' pockets.

Police say the vandalism happens in a 4-5 mile radius from 15th and Lewis. They also say there's not a lot they can do to protect the businesses. By the time the call comes in and they get to the scene, the vandals are gone. Police advise the best way to catch the culprits is for the people who live and work in the area to keep watching the businesses for any suspicious activity.

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