Tulsa City Councilor Under Investigation

Tuesday, July 27th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Anna Falling's fellow council members gave her a week to try to answer the questions surrounding the recycling program. Thursday, the week was up and the investigation is on. Anna Falling is under the microscope where she says the only thing she's guilty of is hard work. Others don't agree with her opinion. "In this system of government we have in America, we are allowed to prove ourselves innocent. I am innocent before being proven guilty in this case the council is saying I am guilty and must prove myself innocent," says Falling. Her district's recycling program is something she calls innovative and she says it could save taxpayers from higher trash rates. She says allegations that she lied to city officials about the handling of money for the privately-funded program are untrue. And she does have some support on the council. "When you do an investigation you believe somebody is guilty of something they're going to have to be punished for I don't see this in this case," says fellow councilor Darla Hall. Other councilors also said they support her, but voted for the investigation in order to clear her name. Councilor Sam Roop is one of two council members who called for the investigation. "Because we all think we have to be held to a standard that's higher than an ordinary citizen," says Roop. Falling says the fact that she is being investigated hurts not only her, but the entire council. "You are telling other councilors that whenever you stand up and you have an issue and you step on toes be sure and be prepared for an investigation," says Falling. City officials aren't sure how long it will take the city auditor to investigate Falling's alleged wrongdoings. Officials say Falling will remain in office while the investigation is conducted.