Misconduct Allegations Go To Council

Tuesday, July 27th 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The controversy surrounding Tulsa City Councilor Anna Falling's recycling program made its way to council chambers Thursday afternoon. Councilors considered a resolution calling for an investigation into possible misconduct by Falling. But it will be another week before any decision is made. Anna Falling has another week to defend allegations made against her involvement in a new recycling program. Her peers at city hall are weighing whether she has done anything wrong in the privately-funded program she's worked on for more than a year. "It's not a question of if she's a nice person or not a nice person, it's merely a question of were the rules broken. It may have been done accidentally but the question is were the rules broken, and it needs to be looked at," says Councilor Vickie Cleveland. The allegations against Falling include breaking city charter rules by representing her District four recycling program as a city-sponsored program, making misleading statements to city officials about money for the program and using city printing equipment. Her actions have resulted in the spending of public funds for a private purpose. "No one has asked me for the information," says Falling. Some people have come up to bat for Falling, backing her claims that her only mistake was disorganization. "I'm just really here as a character witness for her and I don't think we should be so nitpicky when it's something that can be solved right here," says Falling supporter Lisa Crawford. After hearing her supporters, councilors decided all of their questions have not been answered and they want more information before putting Falling under scrutiny. "I have a real problem going into a resolution that cover these 5 items unless I know these five items can not be explained," says Councilor Darla Hall. So the resolution calling for an investigation of Falling by the city auditor will be back on the table June 17. Until then, Falling says she's ready to answer any questions about her conduct.