Pelco opens up a facility in Claremore

Tuesday, February 22nd 2005, 10:16 am
By: News On 6

Business leaders in Claremore are glowing with a new business moving to town. Edmond-based "Pelco Structural" is coming to Claremore and bringing in almost 100 new jobs.

News on 6 anchor Scott Thompson sheds some light. Pelco has been a fixture in Edmond for years. But a second location in Claremore creates opportunities for the company, especially when it comes to distribution, being just 13 miles from the Port of Catoosa. And the port is just part of Pelco's master plan to put their products in the national spotlight.

The top man at Pelco, Phil Albert, likes to brag that many people don't notice how close they are to Pelco products, but they'd be in the dark without them. The company began by making poles for traffic lights, but has expanded and now makes everything from stadium lighting to cell phone towers.

Each one of Pelco's poles has to be rooted deep and the company's roots are what makes it so attractive to Claremore. Rob Melton with the Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority: "We like the idea of home-grown Oklahoma companies cause they're not going to transfer out the first time the winds change."

Pelco plans on becoming a fixture in Claremore. It wants to build a driving range, soccer field and a baseball diamond on its new property. Not only will it give Pelco a place to display their stadium lighting, but they'll get the chance to shine as part of the community.

And Mayor Jim Cochran says participation like that means as much to the community as new jobs do. “Obviously, we can talk about jobs and this type of thing, but it's a pride. It's a feeling of growth and development in your community. It's something that everyone can buy into, especially a company like Pelco that speaks to quality."

Pelco has just started moving equipment into their new home. They'll begin hiring Wednesday.