Authorities continue to investigate a railcar chemical leak in Tulsa

Thursday, February 3rd 2005, 6:09 am
By: News On 6

Things are back to normal along US Highway 75 in Tulsa after a hazardous material scare. Crews were called to the Burlington Northern rail yard ton contain a chemical leak.

The rail yard was evacuated. People living between 17th street and 31st street west were told to stay inside their homes.

When emergency crews arrived, they feared a railcar could be leaking anhydrous ammonia or chlorine. One employee was taken to a Tulsa hospital after having difficulty breathing. EMSA spokesman Kelly Deal: "He really was having some minor symptoms. Went in to be checked out. We had one other employee who was complaining of some burning of the eyes and was not transported. He was removed from the area and did fine."

Crews say the lack of a breeze was a big challenge. It kept the chemicals from dissipating quickly.

Crews are still trying to determine where the leak originated, and what the chemical was.