Broken Arrow High School band returns home

Sunday, January 23rd 2005, 6:28 pm
By: News On 6

Some of these parents have been waiting for more than an hour.

Tim thummel: "so 30 minutes ok bye-bye"

They braved the cold to welcome the Pride of Broken Arrow back home.

Cindy Steininger, Pride Parent: "well he called just a few minutes ago and said they were just a couple of miles from the school and could we please be here waiting and we said we're already here."

Broken Arrow's 200-member marching band performed for President George W Bush in his inauguration parade.They represented Oklahoma on the national stage and when the band finally got home they were greeted with a hero’s welcome.

In all five buses, carrying 194 students, 16 chaperones and 10 school staff members.
They had barely stopped when the Pride came pouring out and into the arms of loved ones. After a more than 24-hour road trip the Pride of Broken Arrow is finally back home and their full of stories from the capitol to share with their families and friends.

Elizabeth Thummel, Clarinet: "It was awesome. Like just feeling you were walking right by the president and he was pointing out and smiling and clapping and cheering us on it was a really good feeling."

Kasey Searles, Alto Sax: "unbelievable I didnt get to see him but still it was unbelievable."

Darrin Davis, BA Marching Band Coordinator: "we got the George W Bush thumbs up and it was really special to see our students eyes and their faces after we cleared the presidential viewing stand is something that I will remember as long as I'm a teacher."

An unforgettable trip, a historic performance, but the Pride was glad to be back in Broken Arrow where they belong.