Glenpool pilot gives tsunami aid

Saturday, January 15th 2005, 7:08 pm
By: News On 6

Two days after the Tsunami rocked Southeast Asia, Barbara Holscher's son was on his way to the disaster zone.

Barbara Holscher, Air Force Captain's Mom: "As soon as they could put together a relief effort they were gone."

31-year-old Captain Michael Bailey pilots the C-130 a monster airplane that can hold more than 40-thousand pounds of cargo. Captain Bailey told his mom he's flying 16 to 18 hours a day to aid the tsunami relief effort.

Barbara Holscher, Air Force Captain's Mom: "He says its just crazy over there... he said it's an administrative nightmare."

The Holscher's consider themselves lucky. They're able to communicate with their son pretty regularly, but they still worry.

Greg Holscher: "its hard to comprehend what they go through."

There is someone in the family who truly understands Captain Bailey's plight, his wife. She's also a C-130 pilot. And while he's flying over Indonesia She's in the skies over Afghanistan.

Barbara Holscher, Air Force Captain's Mom: "Its not totally unusual, but pretty rare"

The couple met in flight school and got married two years ago. They were stationed together in Japan before they were deployed separately.

Barbara Holscher, Air Force Captain's Mom: "I don't worry about em so much when they're together cause I know they're not too lonesome. As long as they've got each other there... its great."

Soon the couple will be on the same mission supporting troops in Afghanistan. And these folks couldn't be prouder of both pilots.

Barbara Holscher, Air Force Captain's Mom:"Those are my babies and I'm proud of em.”

Greg Holscher: "To be able to let everybody know this is a small town person who has really come a long ways."