Kevin Bacon Stars With Wife in 'Woodsman'

Monday, January 3rd 2005, 11:19 am
By: News On 6

BOSTON (AP) _ Kevin Bacon had intimate knowledge about his character's love interest while shooting ``The Woodsman.'' She was, after all, Kyra Sedgwick, his love interest in real life.

``Kyra and I have rarely worked together. Between us we've been married 16 years, and this is one of the handful of times we've been on-screen together,'' Bacon told the Boston Herald in Sunday's editions.

``She had a lot of hesitation about taking the part. She said, `Look, if there were any other actor playing this part, I'd say yes in a second. But I'm afraid people will come out of the movie and step out and say, ``Oh, that's Kyra and Kevin.``'

Bacon managed to convince his better half.

``I said to her, `Look, we don't have a Hollywood tabloid kind of marriage. People are not really all that interested in our marriage because it's a good one and is therefore uninteresting. The other thing is, this is not a $50 million romantic comedy with the two of us on the poster. This is ``The Woodsman,'' a dark, festival film.' I felt like we could pull it off.''