Christmas Eve robbery

Friday, December 24th 2004, 4:18 pm
By: News On 6

Thursday night's black-out set the scene for a crime that would rob a Catoosa family of their Christmas wish.

It all started with a bump in the night.

Angele Christian, Robbery Victim: "He heard a loud noise at the back of the car and he thought he had caused an accident. He pulled over and he was checking it. And was looking at the back of the van and a guy walked up to him put a gun to his head and pushed him onto the van."

Angele Christian's husband was held at gunpoint while a thief stole more than 300 dollars, a huge hit to this family of nine.

Angele Christian, Robbery Victim: "It was a shock you don't know how to trust anyone anymore. I forgive em because I'm a Christian woman but I can't believe someone would do that."

And the thief didn't just take the Christian's money he stole their trip home for the holidays.

Angele Christian, Robbery Victim: "And now that that's gone we won't be able to go home and see our family. We don't really have an friends here all we have is our church family and that’s it."

Angele is trying to look on the bright side. Her family is still safe and sound, and all of the kids have something under the tree. But she wishes she could get home.

Angele Christian, Robbery Victim: "If they would just turn the money in and say hey I'm sorry we wouldn’t press charges on anybody we just want to be able to go home for Christmas and see our family."