Blue Star Moms have to move again

Tuesday, December 7th 2004, 11:23 am
By: News On 6

A Tulsa group of military supporters has to find a new home. The Blue Star Mothers are being forced to move for the fourth time in 18 months.

News on 6 anchor Terry Hood says with help from the community, the Blue Star Moms send care packages they call "Freedom Boxes" to soldiers stationed on the frontlines. But so far it's been hard for the mothers to find a permanent base of operations.

Blue Star mom Gaye Beatt: "We'll probably have to stop what we're doing for a little bit to get moved to somewhere else, but we won't stop. We'll keep going. We'll find another place and we'll keep going." That was back in June when the Blue Star Mothers were told that the space they were using free of charge was being rented out as a furniture store.

Now, they're on the move again. Their current location at 4157 South 72nd East Avenue is being sold and they need some place to store the boxes and supplies they have saved up for the thousands of soldiers they sponsor.

Blue Star mom Barbara Porter: "We're hoping that someone who owns a bunch of property in the Tulsa area can step forward and use it as a tax write-off and give us a permanent home, a little bit more extended so we don't have to move so often."

The news isn't all bad for the Blue Star Mothers. Several companies that have never donated to their cause before "will" be donating this Christmas.