Two Tulsa city council members respond to a recall petition

Tuesday, December 7th 2004, 10:26 am
By: News On 6

Two Tulsa city councilors targeted by a recall petition are defending their work. They are getting a chance to respond on another petition that could come out soon.

News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan says the two councilors have only been in office since the spring, but voters could get another chance to vote on them early next year. Councilors Jim Mautino, who represents east Tulsa, and Chris Medlock, who represents southwest Tulsa, are the subject of a recall petition.

A group calling itself the Coalition for Responsible Government circulated the petition - which claimed the councilors have an anti-growth agenda. The two councilors say the allegations are vague and seem to be the result of them asking questions about things that have never been questioned before.

Chris Medlock: "These are people who are messing with my district, taking the time I have available for constituents and are really doing damage to my district, and to me, and doing damage to my district and to the city of Tulsa, so you've got two city councilors having to defend themselves basically for just doing my job."

The councilor’s response will be included on another petition to be circulated. If that petition gets enough signatures, a special election must be held to consider whether Mautino and Medlock should be recalled.

At the earliest, that would be March or so, and if either one was recalled, another election would be scheduled to pick a new councilor.


Councilor Chris Medlock's reply to petition for recall:

Councilor Jim Mautino and I are honored that you, our constituents, elected us as your voice in city government.

We both took an oath to be good stewards of your government. We further promised, during our campaigns, to ensure that Tulsa's city government serves all Tulsans and not just a favored few.

We promised to serve you with integrity. By keeping these promises, we have angered many who have previously benefited financially from old practices.
We agree with Mayor LaFortune who said recall "hampers our effort to find real solutions to the problems facing" Tulsa.

We agree with the League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa when they say this recall: Would be a waste of time, energy and money. Contains accusations in this petition that do not specify reasons for recall which are consistent with Oklahoma law.
Effectively disenfranchises you, the residents of District 2.

Jim Mautino and I thank you for allowing us to serve you as Tulsa city councilors. We promise to continue to work hard ensuring your business in city government is conducted with integrity.