Enterprise is happy with its ' retired' workers

Thursday, December 2nd 2004, 10:06 am
By: News On 6

Many folks who retire want to figure out a way to pass the time. News on 6 Reporter Rick Wells found a company that loves to put those retirees to work.

Don Taylor is retired, and happily working part-time for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. "My TV and my Lazy Boy were calling me by my first name." And his doctor told him he needed to get out and do something.

He knew Enterprise hired retirees so he called them. "He said when you can go to work. I said anytime and he said come by and fill out the paperwork, we'll put you to work." That was five years ago, he works about 30 - 35 hours a week getting cars to the customers or customer to the cars, it gives him exactly what he needs and the folks at Enterprise, couldn't be happier.

Enterprise regional manager Tim Lovett: "It's win-win for us, 'cause they work the hours that they need, plus they work the hours we need em for peek times, so."

So everybody's happy and it's not like he never gets to go anywhere, some of the shuttling back and forth has taken him way out of town. "I've had to go to Phoenix, Arizona twice. I have been to Chicago. I've had to go to Horn Lake, Mississippi." See, he'd never have seen Horn Lake, if not for Enterprise and the Enterprise customers think these guys are great.

Tim Lovett: "They truly love 'em. They talk to our customers. They're very social. They have similar experiences. They do provide that kind of friendly service for us."

Don Taylor's happy working because he wants to not because he has to.