Wagoner County woman's Christmas display in her living room

Wednesday, December 1st 2004, 10:44 am
By: News On 6

News on 6 Rick Wells visited Larry and Carolyn Thompson down at Fort Gibson Lake near Wagoner last month. Carolyn had just started setting up her annual Christmas village project in her living room.

It took more than month, but it's finally finished, so Rick went back to Lake Crest to take a look. “I can't help myself." How much joy can you cram into one end of your living room?

There are five switches under the table that will turn the village lights on. For Carolyn Thompson this is a labor of love that begins in mid October. Every year it's a little different. A farm is new this year; someone gave her a couple of cows. "I had the farmer that milked the cows, so we built us a farm."

Her husband, Larry built the barn and the hay bales. She decided where to put it. One of her favorite things every year is the ski lift. It's an electric can opener rigged with the pulleys to make it go. There's a lodge at the top of the mountain. Down below there's Snowbird Pond, with skaters. There are dozens of houses and businesses, hundreds of people doing all kinds of things.

This isn't all of it. She has a couple of boxes of pieces that wouldn't fit. Carolyn leaves the village up through the middle of January, and then packs it all up until the next year.