Officer in DeKalb, Ga., officer charged with kidnapping, attacking detainee

Saturday, November 6th 2004, 11:57 am
By: News On 6

DECATUR, Ga. (AP) _ Authorities arrested a man for allegedly kidnapping and attacking a police officer, but after an investigation they released the suspect and put the officer behind bars.

Officer Ronald W. Jones was charged with kidnapping and other offenses Friday and resigned from the force, DeKalb County Police Louis Graham said.

``At the very beginning of this investigation (authorities) determined something was amiss,'' Graham said.

Jones, 47, had reported that he arrested Robert Williams on Oct. 31 for loitering, but claimed Williams overpowered him, stuffed him into the trunk of his own police car and drove him to a wooded area, where he tried to kill him. Jones said he managed to draw a knife and stab Williams, who then ran away.

After a seven-hour manhunt, Williams was arrested Monday morning. Graham said when he announced the arrest that he believed Williams had ``acted with the intent of killing the officer.''

Williams, however, said it was Jones who drove him to a wooded area.

``I asked him where he was taking me and he said ... 'I'm taking you where I take all the guys that walk around on my beat,''' said Williams, 33.

He said Jones struck him at least twice with a baton, and he feared for his life.

``I thought, I got to go for what I know, it's life or death. I lunged at him,'' he said.

As they struggled, Jones pulled out a knife and stabbed him, Williams said. The officer also shot at him but missed. Police later confirmed Jones' gun was fired.

The police chief suggested that it may not have been the first such case for Jones.

``We have information that he has done this before,'' Graham said.

Jones was in jail Saturday after being treated for injuries suffered in the struggle. No bail hearing had been held yet because of his hospital stay.