County by County map of the Tom Coburn-Brad Carson US Senate race

Wednesday, November 3rd 2004, 2:11 pm
By: News On 6

Oklahoma was one of the first states colored red for George Bush Tuesday night. What surprised many people, was how quickly we knew the answer to the US Senate race.

News on 6 anchor Scott Thompson says polls in different parts of the state had different candidates leading up until Election Day.

Our final News on 6-Tulsa World-Oklahoma Poll showed Brad Carson with a significant lead statewide. But polls done in the western part of the state projected Tom Coburn on top.

As we take a look at our county-by-county map, we can see Brad Carson's victories in blue. Like our poll showed, Carson won in most of the eastern counties, but Tom Coburn won big out west, as you can see there in red.

Both candidates agreed that whoever won would have to represent everyone in the state, not just those who voted for them.

Brad Carson: "Campaigns are about partisanship, about your party, but governing is about representing everyone.”

Tom Coburn: "And it doesn't matter how you're registered, or where you're from or how much Oklahoma twang you got, the fact is we love this country and we're willing to make the sacrifices to keep it the greatest nation in the world."