Colin Farrell Favors 'Miami Vice' Over 007

Wednesday, November 3rd 2004, 10:45 am
By: News On 6

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Colin Farrell says he's not bonded to Bond, but thinks it would be nice to star in ``Miami Vice.''

The star of the upcoming historical epic ``Alexander'' said he has had no talks with producers to replace Pierce Brosnan as the superspy James Bond in a new 007 movie, and laughed at the idea of sporting the legendary tuxedo.

Brosnan, 51, the actor who has played British agent James Bond in the last four ``007'' films, said last wee he thought fellow Irishman Farrell would be his ideal successor.

``I'll give it to Colin Farrell. He'll eat the head off them all,'' Brosnan told reporters following an entertainment awards ceremony Saturday in Dublin.

But Farrell, notorious for his four-letter-word responses, said he was never offered and isn't interested.

``Pierce (screwed) me on that. I swear to God, Pierce really (screwed) me,'' Farrell said, adding that everyone keeps asking him about Brosnan's endorsement. ``I never heard a thing. He probably wants 10 percent!''

While he nixed Bond, the 28-year-old Farrell did confirm that he is considering stepping into the role of Det. Sonny Crockett for a movie version of ``Miami Vice.''

Farrell would play the part originated by Don Johnson on the 1980s TV drama. Jamie Foxx is negotiating to co-star as his partner, Ricardo Tubbs, who was originated by Philip Michael Thomas.

Michael Mann, the director of ``Collateral,'' ``Heat'' and ``The Insider'' and the executive producer of the ``Miami Vice'' TV series, is developing the story _ which Farrell said would not go the comedy route, like the films inspired by ``Dragnet'' and ``Starsky & Hutch.''

It's not a comedy at all. It's cool,'' Farrell said. ``Michael Mann wrote it and when he writes it's good and it goes pretty deep.''

He said he wasn't sure whether his Crockett would have the three-day growth of beard that Johnson turned into an '80s fashion statement, but he would definitely have an updated wardrobe.

``I don't think I'll be wearing a silver shiny suit,'' Farrell said.