Oklahoma schools use Election Day as a learning tool

Tuesday, November 2nd 2004, 9:58 am
By: News On 6

The results of Tuesday's voting determined who would run our federal government. The election also provided opportunities to learn about how the process works.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells monitored a couple of mock elections Tuesday and gained some insight.

Key Elementary School in Tulsa held an election Tuesday and the fourth graders are just arriving at the polls. 4th grade teacher Cindy Gould: "And Tatianna, if you'll just sign here please."

Students were asked to register to vote and were given a voter registration card. Each classroom was designated as a precinct and like many polling places on Election Day this one had a line.

Meanwhile, across town at Ike's Chili, folks were asked to vote with their stomachs, Texas Chili or New England clam chowder. Chris Trail with Ike’s Chili: "I think we ordered way too much clam chowder, we haven't sold any yet."

Maybe this is more about grub than government. So lets head back to where there is more hunger for the political process. Cindy Gould's 4th grade class has done its homework about the candidates.

Rick Wells: "Do you talk about them at home?" 4th grader Samantha Parks: "Yes, me and my family do."

And they seem to know why they voted for the candidate they did. 4th grader Catlaena Freelove: "I think he would be a good leader and do the best at protecting our country." Her twin brother Cheyenne had good reasons for voting for whom he did, but wasn't the least bit interested in telling me who that was.

285 students at Key Elementary School in grades 1 through 5 voted in the mock election. By the way, George Bush got 194 votes, Senator Kerry 91.