Tulsa's School for Science and Technology will again have ' home' football games

Thursday, October 28th 2004, 10:20 am
By: News On 6

Good news for Tulsa Science High School students and football fans. After a two-week ban on home games, TSST will get to play their homecoming game at home Friday night.

News on 6 reporter Ashli Sims has more on the new developments that made the home field advantage possible again.

There’s a buzz in the air at the Tulsa School for Science and Technology. After almost three weeks without a stadium, their football team is coming back home, just in time for homecoming. TSST Senior Dureyl Strims: "I think it’s great that we finally got it back and after a couple of days of begging we finally got it back."

TSST was playing on unfamiliar grounds after Tulsa Public Schools banned home games several weeks ago. The district said troublemakers, not students, were starting fights in the parking lot and they were concerned about safety. So the students got together with school and community leaders to hammer out a plan to make home games safe.

TSST Principal Dr Warren Gardner: "Alumni have come to our aid good community people ministry and just the community has pitched in and said we're going to make this a positive occasion tomorrow for the kids."

Fans will see some differences at Driver Stadium. You’ll have to buy a ticket before you can even get into the parking lot. 15 security guards will be on hand and dozens of community and church leaders will be out helping manage the crowd.

Dureyl Strims said it means alot for the district to change the policy. He says it shows that the superintendent and the community really care. "So I wanna thank him and the school board for coming out and listening to what we had to say and I wanna thank the volunteers for coming out because without them we wouldn’t be here where we are now."

TSST is also working with the Tulsa Police Department to make sure homecoming is safe. Tulsa Police plan to keep more officers in the area to help prevent trouble.

The students are so excited the only thing that could make it better, is for the football team to pull out a win.