East Tulsa businesses targeted by burglars

Friday, October 22nd 2004, 6:11 am
By: News On 6

There's a burglary boom underway in Tulsa these days. Figures show about 80 times a week people return to their homes and find belongings stolen. And it happens about 50 times a week for business owners, especially those in east Tulsa.

Dewayne Phillips' insurance office has been hit four times in the past few months. The thieves got away with laptop computers three of times. Between replacing the stolen items and beefing up security, the break-ins have cost him $10,000.

Phillips is not alone. The print shop next door was hit twice, as well as the restaurant down the street, and the shop across the road.

Dewayne Phillps with Farmers Insurance: "It's really affected a lot of the businesses and the way we do business. We can no longer leave anything even remotely out."

Tulsa Police say locking valuables up at night is a good start. They also recommend people write down the serial numbers of their computers and other electronics. Also, invest in an alarm system that has a good video surveillance system.

Police say many of the thieves are juveniles, so even when they're arrested, they are released and start stealing again.