Truth Test: First District race ads

Monday, October 18th 2004, 10:02 am
By: News On 6

The First District race for US Congress is becoming an advertising war of claims and counter claims.

The latest ad accuses Congressman John Sullivan of having an arrest record. News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan puts the claims to the Truth Test.

Announcer: Sullivan: how many lies are too many? It's not the first negative ad in the 1st Congressional District race. John Sullivan's ad makes Doug Dodd flap his arms.

And now Dodd has fired back with his own ad. Announcer: "Sullivan arrested 4 times, and then caught trying to cover it up. Caught lying on his application for a real estate license. Caught lying again when he tried to coach youth soccer. His application, denied."

It's true - Sullivan was arrested for underage drinking and loitering. It came up during his first campaign and Sullivan still has to answer for it. Rep John Sullivan, (R) Congressional Candidate: "When I was a young man I got caught drinking beer underage in Brookside, makes capital offense, I got some tickets too, speeding, and those things, he makes it look like it's really nefarious and again he's trying to throw mud up against the wall and confuse voters at the end of the election but my record is clear."

The ad claims Sullivan didn't mention the arrests on forms he filled out to be a coach - and real estate agent - and that's true too.

Sullivan says the negative advertising is his opponents attempt to distract voters. "The differences couldn't be more clear and if I was him I wouldn't run on the issues either."

The pair has debated the issues several times - but won't appear together again before the election - so from now on they'll debate in their advertising.